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Esportes e Lazer / 24/06/2021


Corinthians decides to terminate with Danilo Avelar, who no longer plays for the club after a racist act

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Corinthians decides to terminate with Danilo Avelar, who no longer plays for the club after a racist act

Football Board defines details with the player's exhaustion after repercussion of the case

Corinthians decided this Wednesday afternoon that it will terminate the contract with defender Danilo Avelar, currently valid until December 2022. The club is still studying how the termination will be made.

The club issued an official notice at 6:32 pm. The conversations for the end of the bond will be made with the agents of Elenko Sports, who represent the player:

” Sport Club Corinthians Paulista informs that it is in contact with the athlete Danilo Avelar and his representatives in order to discuss and formalize the appropriate measures to end the relationship. Corinthians reaffirms that it repudiates any and all manifestations of racist connotation, consistent with its history of defending equality and democracy”.

The decision was taken by the football department, with legal support, after the player admitted a racist comment in an online game, after repercussions on social networks. He was also banned the Coliseum platform.

There were hours and hours of meeting until the football board felt fully legally secure to decide for the termination. The communication team also spent several hours mobilized in order to help with the investigation, understanding and evaluation of the case.

Since the release of the official score of the player, there was already the understanding in Corinthians that there would be no more climate for Avelar to continue to defend the Alvinegra colors. We then started to discuss what would be the viable ways to break the contract.

The huge repercussion of the case on social networks and the manifestations of fans asking the club to break the contract with the player, including Gaviões da Fiel, the club's main organizer, only contributed to the certainty about the need to break the contract.

During a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive match on Tuesday night, the player posted a comment saying to another user: "Fih (son) of a black girl."

In a note, Avelar apologized. The player is in the final stages of recovery an injury to his right knee and is scheduled to return to games in August.

Corinthians has not yet paid off the purchase of the player Torino, Italy. The club has to pay this month the amount of 750,000 euros (R$ 4.4 million), as the second and final installment. Another equal installment was paid, late, at the beginning of this year.

Danilo Avelar was hired by Corinthians in 2018, on loan. After being São Paulo champion as a starter in 2019, the player had his economic rights purchased by Timão in June.

In the move 2019 to 2020, he left the left back to act as defender. He played good games at Paulistão, after the pandemic pause, but tore the ligaments in October 2020.

The defender has 110 games with the Corinthians shirt, with 12 goals scored.

Timão returns to the field this Thursday, against Sport, at home, by Brasileirão. Coach Sylvinho has Gil, João Victor, Raul, Jemerson and Léo Santos as options for the defense. Uruguayan Bruno Méndez is on his way to Internacional.

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